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  I must admit to the skepticism of Voltaire when I heard the news from Karen Parker about the Open Source plans for App Inventor.  App Inventor has been very close to my heart and life...

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The State of App Inventor

I wanted to call this post “This is why we can’t have nice things.” However, I did not want to add to the already decidedly negative trend in the conversations around the announcement from Google that they would be stopping support of the App Inventor product.
Most of what I would say has been nicely summed up by Prof. Wolberd over on his blog at Check it out.
What I want to do is inject the tiniest element of information and caution into the dialog.
Here is what we DO know:
* App Inventor will soon have a totally changed life cycle.
* Google will no longer be paying engineers to hunt bugs or increase the capability.
* Google will no longer be hosting the App Inventor User interface after the end of the year.
* The AI team (I hesitate to say Google here,) is trying to continue the life cycle and guarantee the existence of AI beyond Google support.
Here is what we do NOT know:
* We do not know what “Open Source” means. Google is all over the map with the definition.
* We do not know what the “Here’s your hat and what’s your hurry.” App Inventor will look like. It could be an easy to install local application (unlikely,). Or it could be a typical web based application that requires heavy infrastructure knowledge and skill. (More likely.)
* We do not know the intentions of shape of a possible “Non-profit” entity as a maintainer or host of App Inventor.
Speculation is a feeble and useless past time. Those of us who love and believe in the App Inventor product will continue to keep you informed and in the event that hosting and instruction is needed in the future life of App Inventor…
We will be at the forefront just like always.

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2 Responses to The State of App Inventor

  1. Hi Sir,

    I have a couple questions for you. You were instrumental in helping me build my apps. I wonder if you could do tutorials for Netbeans Jave ME. I think if they kill App Inventor that looks like something that might be interesting to me. Also I posted a few times in the group for programming for app inventor. I wonder if you might take a look. You can recognize my posts because of my smiley graduation picture on my profile.

    Thanks. God Bless.


  2. jwtyler says:

    That sounds like a good idea to do in any case. I may just do the NetBeans Java ME becuase it intrests me. Also, IF and I dont think it will, but IF AI dies I will be pursuing providing similar avenues for NON-programers. Such as NetBeans, Corona, Appcelerator, Basic4Android, PhoneGapp etc… I WILL make sure this gap does not exist.

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